AI News, Artificial intelligence uses internet searches to help create mind association magic trick

Artificial intelligence uses internet searches to help create mind association magic trick

The computer automatically sources and processes associated words and images required for the novel mind reading card trick which is performed by a magician.

The computer is able to assist in a creative task by taking over some of the workload during the design of the trick and by acting as an aid to prompt further creativity as it can uncover suggestions the magician may not have considered.

During the performance the spectator chooses from two shuffled decks an image card and a word card that form a good match, which the performer can predict thanks to the mathematical properties of a deck of cards and the way the human mind makes mental associations.

Though the algorithm can replace the need for carrying out psychological experiments on volunteers to help determine the mind associations required for the trick, the researchers found that to produce the best results a combination of the algorithm and psychological experiments was ideal.

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