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Ethics in AI: Decisions by Algorithms

From algorithms detecting Parkinson’s disease to saving people from cancer to improving mental health by Ai-enabled counseling sessions to reducing road accidents, Ai has huge benefits for human intelligence in the future.

There are so many ways in which we could use Ai for social good, but over the last year or two it has become apparent that there are potentially a lot of unintended consequences, algorithms that are biased and the siloing -up of worldviews following recommender algorithms, not to mention in which Ai could potentially be used for bad reasons, so there are huge demand and interest for developing Ai with our values.

A report from ProPublica concluded that the Ai system was biased against black defendants as it consistently recommended longer sentences in comparison to white counterparts for the same crime.

Another example would have to be when Microsoft’s Ai bot, Tay, which was originally designed to interact with people online through casual and playful conversation, ended up hoovering good, bad, and ugly interactions.

Our greatest concern about existing Ai systems are the people who build these systems, which they say are just extracting the value of people working in Silicon Valley, a synonym for innovation and unlimited freedom where the biggest players in the filed of Ai are based, that come from elitist backgrounds.

Building ethical Ai with diversityPart of the solution to help overcome these systemic biases that are built into existing Ai systems, is to have open conversations about ethics, with input from diverse views in terms of culture, gender, age, and socio-economic background, and how it could be applied to Ai.

The company explained how it’s putting these principles into action through internal education, building tools and carrying research on topics in responsible Ai, and reviewing its processes, as well as engaging with external stakeholders.

However, only a few weeks after inception, Google axed the group, after thousands of Google workers signed a petition protesting the appointment of a member who was “vocally anti-trans, anti-LGBTQ, and anti-immigrant”.

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) digital innovation arm Data61 published a discussion paper on key issues raised by large-scale Ai, seeking answers to a handful of questions that are expected to inform governments about the approach to Ai ethics.

It’s expected that the framework will include a set of principles and practical measures that organisations and individuals can use as a guide to ensure their design, development, and use of Ai “meets communities expectations”.

The global momentum around Ai for social good is growing, and many individuals and organizations are already infusing transparency and responsibility in their Ai initiatives to address a wide array of societal challenges.

Artificial Intelligence and Ethics – What Lies Ahead?

The ethics of artificial intelligence is a part of technology specific ethics that concerns robots and other artificially intelligent beings, as well as the people behind it all.

It can be divided into robo-ethics (an issue regarding moral behavior of humans as they design, construct, use and treat artificially intelligent beings), and machine ethics (concerned with the moral behavior of artificial moral agents).

We are talking here about everything from machines used in wars, to healthcare robotics and many other areas where the presence of an artificially made being could lead to catastrophic or ground-breaking events.

In other words, is Terminator scenario even possible, given that machine ethics regards artificially intelligent machines as actual or potential moral agents?

That time when it defeated world chess champion Gary Kasparov, or when world go champion Ke Jie underscored the qualitative aspect of AI… But, the logic of the moves was a mystery not only to the players but also to the creators of the program.

Tech giants such as Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook, IBM, and Microsoft – together with entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk – strongly believe that this moment in history belongs to nearly boundless landscape of artificial intelligence.

As a long-term result, our shorter-range context might get confronted with the feelings of being dazed and frustrated, while watching how the only currency for a functioning society is eroding.

Newcastle University uses a convolutional neural network to teach a robotic hand abstract grasping patterns. Neural lace is used by Neuralink (a company owned by the very same E.

And let us not forget, our beloved Netflix is created with a predictive technology so it can offer us recommendations based on our reaction, interests, choices, and even behavior.

If Tesla’s smart trucks will be riding goods all over the globe, all by them selves, what will become of all those good old truck drivers, humans that is?

Who knows, maybe one day, when we finish with the transition, we might look back and think that it was barbaric that human beings were required to spend the majority of their time just to be able to pay the bills.

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