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53% of Execs Say Healthcare Leads Artificial Intelligence Adoption

February 18, 2020 -Fifty-three percent of healthcare executives say that the healthcare industry is ahead of most other industries in artificial intelligence adoption, according to a survey from KPMG.

Sixty-eight percent of respondents are confident that AI will eventually be effective in diagnosing patient illnesses and conditions, and 47 percent believe diagnostics will have a significant impact within the next two years.

AI has proven to be a highly effective tool in the medical imaging field, with studies showing its ability to identify cancer, help clinicians make more informed decisions, and enhance patient diagnostics.

“Comprehending the full range of AI technology, and how best to apply it in a healthcare setting, is a learned skill that grows out of pilots and tests.Building an AI-ready workforce requires a wholesale change in the approach to training and how to acquire talent.

Seventy-five percent have concerns that AI could threaten the privacy and security of patient data, and 86 percent say their organizations are taking steps to protect patient privacy as they implement AI.

Despite these hurdles, healthcare leaders agree that AI will play an important role in improving care delivery, with 90 percent of respondents saying they believe that AI will improve the patient experience.

“While AI has already made some inroads in the back or middle office, patient access and care will ultimately see the biggest impact from AI by better diagnosing, treating, serving and helping patients at every point of engagement,”

KPMG: 89% of healthcare execs say AI already is creating efficiencies in their health systems | Healthcare IT News

Artificial intelligence already is having a significant impact on healthcare, and that impact – both good, in terms of patient care and operational efficiencies, and bad, as some believe it is contributing to higher healthcare costs – is only just beginning.

Those were among the findings in research and consulting giant KPMG’s new study, ”Living in an AI World: Achievements and Challenges of Artificial Intelligence Across Five Industries.” The report looks at how 751 insiders representing five industries – including healthcare – view the future of AI in their sectors, and the steps they are taking to maximize its benefits and mitigate its challenges.

The medical literature is showing support of AI’s power as a tool to help clinicians.” According to an overwhelming majority of healthcare respondents (89%), AI already is creating efficiencies in their systems, and 91% believe it is increasing patient access to care.

Google Health reported in Nature that an AI model developed and deployed by its DeepMind subsidiary was more effective in screening patients for breast cancer than human doctors using recent X-rays only – and despite having access to patients’ previous records.

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