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AI is the Big Data of 2019

The topics at the AI roundtable were: One powerful thing about the roundtable approach is that the topic presentation is merely a seed for a broader discussion.

In 2012, at the peak moment of the big data hype cycle, I gave a keynote at an Xconomy event on big data titled something like Big Data is Bullshit.

(or, “weak AI”) which has a marvelous definition that is something like: Narrow artificial intelligence (narrow AI) is a specific type of artificial intelligence in which a technology outperforms humans in some very narrowly defined task.

Unlike general artificial intelligence, narrow artificial intelligence focuses on a single subset of cognitive abilities and advances in that spectrum.

The deep snarky cynic inside my brain, which I keep locked in a cage just next to my hypothalamus, was banging on the bars.

Yes, I know that there is real stuff going on around narrow AI and machine learning, but many of the descriptions that people were using, and the inferences they were making, were extremely limited.

And it reinforced my view that technology is evolving at an ever-increasing rate that our society and existing legal, corporate, and social structures have no idea how to deal with.

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