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[Techie Tuesday] Meet STS Prasad who built databases and algorithms for Amazon and Walmart Labs and now heads engineering at Freshworks

He may look like a philosopher with deep contemplative eyes and a cherubic disposition, but Prasad believes that there’s only one truth to engineering.

YourStory caught up with him at Refresh 19, the flagship event of Freshworks, in Las Vegas, US, recently, where he talked about his journey and his successful tryst with technology.

It was a time when chemical engineering and mechanical engineering were the most preferred subjects, and computer science was only available to graduate students.

The computer science undergraduate program became formally available to students at IIT-Madras from 1983.

where data was stored in rows and columns - began to take precedence over hierarchical and network database models.

For the next eight years, he was a technical individual contributor and also assumed leadership roles in database storage, indexing, transaction processing, and query optimisation systems.

At Amazon, he was an architect and technical lead for the Amazon Marketplace where third-party sellers sold used and new books, CDs, and other products through

Junglee's web data aggregation technology was enhanced to improve scalability of agent creation and reliability of agent execution, which basically means processing data against a result set.

Swimming against the tide was Prasad, who co-founded Aventeon, an enterprise mobile solutions product that allowed porting data from ERP applications to mobile phones.

The product was used in the logistics industry and Prasad spent time shuffling between the US (Seattle), India, and Europe to build the product and scale the company.

Prasad, who had by then mastered databases, data clustering, and caching data for mobile applications, found himself involved with another startup, Kosmix.

He led the development of the Muppet (mupd8) real-time stream analytics platform and created the foundation for the Tweetbeat product, detecting events from social media streams.

Kosmix allowed businesses to categorise the internet into topic pages and created personal dashboards for users.

His advice to young people is that it is imperative to learn new developments in existing technology and that one can adapt to any programming language.

Today, he is responsible for technology development and overseeing infrastructure enhancements to support the growing customer base of Freshworks, which is a bonafide Unicorn with 35,000 paying customers and a customer base of 250,000 businesses.

That said, he credits his success to his wife, Sharanya, and his four boys who have seen their dad build one business after the other.

Prasad’s career stands testimony to the fact that once the basics are in place, you can jump from infrastructure technology and databases to mobile applications, data science, and automation.

AI at FFM: meetup continues

Dear AI lovers and Meetup goers,We are already preparing the next issue of our AI Meetup which will take place on October 17th at Mindspace.

You may not have heard about Thinkport yet, but after this meetup you will know everything about them—and about some of the best practices for machine learning in the cloud.

By taking time from his busy CTO life, he will tell us about his thoughts and research regarding the question of whether and when will AI take your jobs—especially if you are a software developer.

Well, let’s see what Tobi has in his bag for us.Thank you all for being a part of our ever-growing AI community.Greetings from your organizers hard at work to make AI Meetup a cool place to spend time at.Here is our tentative schedule:18:00 – 18:15;

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