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Blockchain, artificial intelligence top LinkedIn fastest-growing job categories

At the same time, demand and hiring of people with blockchain development or implementation skills is going gangbusters, growing at a rate faster than other job categories.

Such requirements include soft skills such as oral communication, leadership and time management - make up nearly half of LinkedIn's current list of skills with the largest skills gaps.

Functions include research, design, develop, and test blockchain technologies, brainstorm and help evaluate applications for new tools and technologies, maintain and extend the current client- and server-side applications responsible for integration and business logic, be involved in the global blockchain community.'

Machine learning engineer (financial services): 'Work with team of researchers, engineers, and data scientists, collaborating on delivery of new machine learning algorithms and their applications.

Collaborate with a cross-functional agile team spanning user research, design, data science, product management, and engineering to build new product features.'

Senior Data Scientist/Machine Learning Engineer (advertising/marketing firm): 'Develop, implement and extend data-intensive machine learning software for real-time auctioning, ad inventory estimation, and audience segmentations.

37% of Tech Experts Worry Artificial Intelligence Will Make Humanity Worse by 2030

More than a third of AI experts surveyed by Pew Research said they are concerned that artificial intelligence will leave humanity worse off in 2030 than they are now, with the majority optimistic that the benefits will make life better for individuals.

And while AI is expected to create some new jobs as well as make other jobs more productive, some respondents said that it could also lead to widespread job losses, and the sense of meaning that comes with work.

“The answer depends on whether we can shift our economic systems toward prioritizing radical human improvement and staunching the trend toward human irrelevance in the face of AI,”

I mean true, existential irrelevance, which is the end result of not prioritizing human well-being and cognition.” Some also saw a potential risk to human liberty if AI expertise widens a gap between the powerful and the powerless.

separate report from Diffbot this month estimated that 720,000 people are skilled at machine learning around the world, or nearly 1% of the world’s population.

China could surpass the US in artificial intelligence tech. Here's how

'The innovation is still coming from the U.S. and that's thanks to, obviously, a huge network of universities that are fed by the world's greatest talent — not just Chinese engineers coming to the U.S., and computer scientists, but also from India and everywhere else,' Ben Harburg, managing partner at MSA Capital, told CNBC at the East Tech West conference last month.

'China will be where you monetize and, by nature of the beast, eventually they will start to innovate far beyond the U.S. — but a couple years away,' he added.

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