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R&D MagazineMassachusetts Institute of Technology researcher Josh Tenenbaum was named R&D Magazine's 2018 Innovator of the Year for his efforts to better understand and apply mechanisms of human intelligence to artificial intelligence (AI).

Tenenbaum takes a multidisciplinary, two-fold approach, working with neuroscientists and cognitive psychologists to study the origins of intelligence in the human mind and brain, especially in children.

AI as Talent Scout: Unorthodox Hires, and Maybe Lower Pay

Companies are turning to services that use artificial intelligence (AI) to vet potential hires amid a tight labor market.

To refine its matches, Eightfold asks clients to use human resources algorithms to anonymously import employee data, including information on how workers with different backgrounds perform in different jobs, as well as their earnings;

Career Advantage: Real World Applications

The New York Times bestselling author and coauthor of Great Work, Great Career share the secrets to getting and keeping the job you want.

This three set audio program teaches you how to create your ultimate job and make an extraordinary contribution includes the following:• In this 30-minute audio, you'll learn the importance of becoming a solution, not a problem to an organization.

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