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National Artificial Intelligence Strategy

No matter the size of your company, you can begin your AI transformation journey today by building up your technological capabilities and digital infrastructure.

If you are a company that is already adopting AI, take part in data sharing initiatives to promote greater use of AI, and contribute to a trusted environment by adopting AI governance initiatives.

The T-Up programme helps local SMEs build up technological capabilities and develop innovative products and services, by seconding A*STAR scientists and research engineers to aid in the SMEs’

The Model AI Governance Framework provides detailed and readily implementable guidance to private sector organisations to address key ethical and governance issues when deploying AI solutions.

These programmes give buyers the assurance of reliable digital and AI solutions when working with these companies and startups, as well as help grow and scale promising and innovative Singapore-based startups and companies.

To keep up with the advances in AI technology, and take on the new and exciting jobs that AI creates, Singaporeans need to continue to upgrade and improve their skills and understand how to apply AI in their respective domains.

TechSkills Accelerator (TeSA) offers various programmes in collaboration with industry partners and hiring employers to upskill or reskill ICT and non-ICT professionals to fill in-demand ICT jobs across the economy.

NOAA releases new strategies to apply emerging science and technology

NOAA today is announcing new strategies to dramatically expand the agency’s application of four emerging science and technology focus areas —

“NOAA is a pioneer with a strong track record of applying the latest science and technology and these new strategies will allow us to dramatically expand these applications across our mission areas,”

These draft strategies, open for public comment through December 16, were highlighted at a White House Summit on Partnerships in Ocean Science and Technology, which convened key players from across the ocean science and technology community including representatives of industry, academia, government, philanthropy, and the private sector.

The event promoted partnerships in ocean science and technology, showcased American leadership, and engaged the community to explore the unknown ocean, advance marine science, and promote new technologies.

Singapore rolls out national strategy on artificial intelligence for ‘impactful’ social, economic benefits

SINGAPORE: By 2022, people living in Singapore will be able to report municipal issues via a chatbot that asks for details in real time and automatically identifies the correct government agency in charge.

This will be made possible by artificial intelligence (AI), which is also set to power a tool that helps in the detection of diabetic eye disease and an automated marking system for English in primary and secondary education by the same year.

Describing it as the next step in Singapore’s Smart Nation Journey, Mr Heng said: “Countries will need to keep pace with technology, and harness it to tackle common challenges and national priorities.” AI is one of the new frontiers in technology, with its applications already present in peoples’ daily lives such as AI chatbots and robo-advisors.

More areas where AI can be applied to deliver impact will be identified, it added, as Singapore develops the national strategy “iteratively” in response to a rapidly-changing technology landscape and seize new opportunities brought about by AI.

“By 2030, Singapore will be a leader in developing and deploying scalable impactful AI solutions in key sectors of high value and relevance to our citizens and businesses,” said the document detailing the new national strategy.

FIVE NATIONAL AI PROJECTS The five national projects will guide investment in AI research, generate “lead demand” to anchor talent and capabilities, and guide how Singapore builds up its supporting digital infrastructure, according to the document detailing the National AI Strategy.

Many might be unaware of their conditions, which, if left untreated, can lead to serious medical complications.” AI can hence be used to analyse clinical and genomic data, medical images, and health behaviours to better assess the risk profile of individual patients, allowing for better prevention and care management, he added.

totally automated immigration clearance for all travelers, including first-time social visitors, could also be ready by 2025, under the fourth national project covering border clearance operations.

Other initiatives also announced on Wednesday include the launch of an AI makerspace – a new national platform to help start-ups, and small- and medium-sized enterprises to get started on their AI journey with pre-built AI solutions and others.

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