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Why Artificial Intelligence Is a Secret Weapon for Tesla Stock

And since Tesla’s third-quarter earnings report, TSLA stock has been a rocket, going from $254 to $350, putting its market cap at $63 billion.

Elon Musk has been focused on bringing down costs and finding ways to increase the company’s profitability through growth.

According to InvestorPlace columnist Luke Lango: “Central to the long-term bull thesis on TSLA stock is that Tesla has been selling, still is selling, and will continue to sell more and more of its signature electric vehicles.”

TSLA has a premium brand, a deeply loyal customer base, talented engineers and a strong Intellectual Property foundation.

From its early days, the company built its cars with systems that collect enormous amounts of data,using sensors and over-the-air updates.

To pull this off, Tesla has installed on-board computers with 40 times the power of prior systems and sophisticated AI.

For the most part, DeepScale’s focus is on solving the extremely tough problem of energy consumption with AI chips The irony is that Elon Musk has said that AI is more dangerous than nuclear war!

China Investing in ‘Artificial Intelligence’ Warfare to Threaten US Military Superiority

NEW YORK—China is eroding America’s military superiority and conventional deterrence through the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) systems in its military strategies, operations, and capabilities, an independent U.S. federal commission warned, adding that the United States needs to step up investment in the technology and apply it to national security missions.

while the country’s defense industry is pursuing the development of “increasingly autonomous weapons systems,” an interim report released by The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence said on Nov. 4.  The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) declared it would be the world leader in AI by 2030, part of its broader strategy to challenge America’s military and economic position in Asia, as Beijing also pursues a process of “intelligentization” as a new imperative of its military modernization.

Ray Walsh, VPN expert at and a top authority in the field, told The Epoch Times that AI in warfare is best understood in two separate categories: decision-making systems that run trial-and-error simulations of potential confrontation scenarios to produce tactical solutions, and lethal autonomous weapons, also known as “killer robots.”

“While we have better computer scientists and engineers in the field and more cutting edge companies engaged in R&D (such as Google), China has far better access to massive datasets and informational resources gleaned from such platforms as WeChat that has 1 billion users.

Many defense experts have urged the country to move more quickly with the development of AI-enabled weapons systems and other capabilities, citing rising international threats and the possibility that the technology could save American lives and reduce civilian casualties.

On the other side, some technologists and ethicists urge the United States to slow its development of or abandon entirely the use of AI for military purposes, citing various potential problems, from “a catastrophic accident, to crisis instability, to the immoral weaponization of AI,”

The Trump administration is watching China closely, with a number of U.S. officials in recent weeks publicly warning about the threats Beijing poses due to the proliferation in the West of Chinese companies such as Huawei, China’s foray into 5G technology and AI coupled with well-established concerns of China’s mass surveillance, espionage, and human rights abuses.

The report identifies five major lines of effort it says are needed to preserve America’s advantage: investing in AI research and development, applying the AI to national security missions, training and recruiting AI talent, protecting and building upon U.S. technology advantages, and to marshal global AI cooperation.

AI technology will change warfighting strategy, with future use possibly involving the U.S. military using AI-enabled machines, systems, or weapons that would aim to understand the battlespace more quickly, and technology that would help people make “relevant decisions faster or mount more complex multi-domain operations in contested environments.”

One role of AI technology is its role in intelligence, with AI algorithms being able to go through troves of data to find patterns, detect threats, and identify correlations. AI tools can “make satellite imagery, communications signals, economic indicators, social media data, and other large sources of information more intelligible.”

The Department of Defense can directly take advantage of autonomous and intelligent systems, the commission stated, with the Intelligence Community more effectively processing and analyzing vast amounts of data, and other agencies possibly using it to find efficiencies in business operations so other resources can be sent to the missions with the highest priority.

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