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3 Tech Stocks Using Artificial Intelligence to Unlock Growth

In some industries, achieving scale has always been incredibly difficult, either because they require too much human capital, or logistical challenges stand in the way.

The internet has opened up new opportunities to climb those hurdles, but artificial intelligence (AI) is proving to be the most valuable piece of the puzzle -- completing tasks that used to require many employees, doing so in repeatable ways, and evolving along the way.  DocuSign (NASDAQ:DOCU), Carvana (NYSE:CVNA), and Zillow Group (NASDAQ:ZG)(NASDAQ:Z) have adopted artificial intelligence both organically and through acquisitions, and they are using it to dominate their industries, areas that are still largely stuck doing things the way they've always been done.

All three companies have achieved exponential growth and blazed new trails that have changed consumer habits forever.  DocuSign is best known as one of the leaders in digital-signature technology, but it has evolved into significantly more than that, especially through aggressive innovation in its Contract AI platform.  Contract AI uses a combination of machine learning and rules-based search to identify specific issues in legal documents.

Paired with DocuSign Analyzer, which specifically identifies the existence or absence of particular points of interest, this suite of products helps to mitigate risk to companies negotiating multiple agreements.  The company is growing rapidly.

If a consumer isn't in close proximity to a vending machine, the company will arrange pickup and delivery directly to their house.  Selling and valuing a car used to require a physical inspection, but Carvana has removed the hassle -- just enter your license plate into their website, with a few additional details, and you're likely to get a valuation back.