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Artificial Intelligence/Search/Dijkstra's Algorithm

Dijkstra's algorithm can be considered a heuristic search, similar to a greedy search if the search has a known destination and it can be considered an exhaustive search when the search has no destination node and all nodes are considered.

the following algorithm, the code u := node in Q with smallest dist[], searches for the vertex u in the vertex set Q that has the least dist[u] value.

For example, if both r and source connect to target and both of them lie on different shortest paths through target (because the edge cost is the same in both cases), then we would add both r and source to previous[target].

When the algorithm completes, previous[] data structure will actually describe a graph that is a subset of the original graph with some edges removed.

Its key property will be that if the algorithm was run with some starting node, then every path from that node to any other node in the new graph will be the shortest path between those nodes in the original graph, and all paths of that length from the original graph will be present in the new graph.

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