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Artificial Intelligence: The AI4EU project launches on 1 January 2019

Eight industry-driven AI pilots will demonstrate the value of the AI-on-demand platform as a technological innovation tool.

€3 million will be allocated for Financial Support for Third Parties (FSTPs) to fund promising projects (selected through open competitive calls) exploiting the resources and services offered by the platform to foster technology transfer of AI-based solutions.

On 7 December 2018 the European Commission presented the coordinated action plan to foster the development and use of AI in Europe prepared together with Member States and Norway and Switzerland who signed the declaration of cooperation on artificial intelligence.

ML & AI Primer

Approachable Foundations Some may say this it may be difficult or you can’t go deeper into AI without academic rigor (but we are seeing more approachable text, methodologies and general information) these books are two main recommended text in order: In addition the following can be also extremely beneficial: Deep Learning Reinforcement Learning For reinforcement learning there are quite a few and this is a good one to start with: Knowing the key terms for artificial intelligence can be a challenge since AI can now be applied more broadly.

Since we have seen AI grow exponentially throughout the last few years with significant companies integrating it into projects the field has also taken on a broad terminology and can also include machine learning and deep learning.

That being said, the following news sources not only help gain knowledge covering the range of AI but to also examine concrete and up to date information within the discipline from a diverse source set: Resources regarding how AI will affect jobs – as a note these can tend to be biased and categorized as either apocalyptic or useful.

As we have seen recently and normally each week we see a new hack leading to the breach of sensitive financial data, incorporating AI and ML concepts is not only a good idea but is necessary so we can protect our data.

 As mentioned below to get started it’s always a great idea to check your local meetups for those that are AI or ML related to help you get started, network or push your knowledge further.

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