AI News, Artificial intelligence promises bright future for airlines and passengers

Artificial intelligence promises bright future for airlines and passengers

MONTREAL -- Canada's two largest airlines say artificial intelligence can be a game-changer for aviation by helping to boost revenues, pare costs and provide passengers with a more personalized travel experience.

Several large airlines in the U.S. and Europe have deployed AI in chatbots that respond to common passenger questions, machine learning algorithms to help automate airline operations and facial recognition to verify identification for luggage and boarding.

The aviation sector's investment in AI is expected to grow from US$152 million this year to US$2.22 billion by 2025, for a compounded annual growth rate of more than 46 per cent, according to a report from research firm Markets and Markets.

Algorithms can be used to predict passenger behaviour and reduce overbooking by analyzing inputs such as historical passenger data, weather patterns and time of day to better predict how many people won't show up for a flight.

In terms of data security, people's personal information is at less risk of being breached in aviation because most AI systems use generalized data and permissioned access to existing data such as travel history to determine which profile the passenger resembles, said Peterson.

AI could eventually be used on all systems of aircraft, including brakes, generators, valves, engines and avionics to extend the life of parts and minimize disruptions, offering a huge savings for operators, added Robert Dewar, vice president and general manager of the C Series program.

AI systems using natural language processing can scan millions of maintenance logs to predict component failure and recommend fixes, says Mark Roboff of SparkCognition, which focuses most of its efforts on predictive maintenance.

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