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Amazon makes three major AI announcements during re:Invent 2019

Amazon has kicked off its annual re:Invent conference in Las Vegas and made three major AI announcements.

Vadim Khazan, president of technology at SoundLines, said in a statement: “For the 3,500 health care partners relying on our care team optimisation strategies for the past 15 years, we’ve significantly decreased the time and effort required to get to insightful data.” SageMaker Operators for Kubernetes The next announcement is Amazon SageMaker Operators for Kubernetes.

Amazon’s SageMaker is a machine learning development platform and this new feature lets data scientists using Kubernetes train, tune, and deploy AI models.

In a blog post, AWS deep learning senior product manager Aditya Bindal wrote: “Customers are now spared all the heavy lifting of integrating their Amazon SageMaker and Kubernetes workflows.

Starting today, customers using Kubernetes can make a simple call to Amazon SageMaker, a modular and fully-managed service that makes it easier to build, train, and deploy machine learning (ML) models at scale.” Amazon says that compute resources are pre-configured and optimised, only provisioned when requested, scaled as needed, and shut down automatically when jobs complete.

After recording a short tune, a model for the composer’s favourite genre is selected in addition to setting the model’s parameters.