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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Poised to Help FPs

"And then he actually went up to about 3.5 minutes per chart because he found out that he had some time to do all those preventive tasks that are set off to the side,"

Regarding the prospect of family physicians using AI to predict disease and outcomes and having the ability to access good evidence without having to read the latest meta-analysis, Waldren walked his audience through that scenario.

we're trying to do is find ways to promote development that we think is needed for family docs and prove that the solutions are effective and adoptable,"

And it's critical that developers have input from family physicians in practice as they are building these products, he added.

A: Keeping these things affordable as we move forward is going to be really important for the AAFP to work on, but we're not the ones out there setting prices.

"You could say to the patient, 'I'll revert back to hunting and pecking around the EHR and checking boxes and typing my note and spending 15 minutes doing that.'

DOJ exploring artificial intelligence to help process FOIA requests

“I really think that the future of FOIA is now taking it to the next level and using artificial intelligence, and using software that can do things like group records together, either by concept or relationship, those kinds of software,” Pustay told Federal News Network’s Jared Serbu.

“And those kinds of tools, I think, show real promise in the FOIA context by pre-processing records or grouping similar records together, which could then help speed up the actual review of the records for disclosability.” She said OIP is at the very beginning of experimenting with these tools, and is still learning what they’re capable of.

“We really want to make sure that people focus on the spirit of the of the law, go beyond just the bare legal requirements of the statue, but also really look for ways to implement the statute in a really fulsome, robust way, applying the presumption of openness, looking for ways to increase the public’s understanding of what the government does, really thinking about why we have a Freedom of Information Act,” Pustay said.

It can also involve helping them institute the changes required in 2016’s FOIA Improvement Act, which – among other changes – codified the “Rule of Three.” The Rule of Three was guidance that OIP offered even before the 2016 Act, saying that an agency that receives three separate requests for the same document or set of documents should simply publish those documents online.

Artificial intelligence created these bizarre faces—and monkey neurons love them

Neurons in our brain’s visual cortex respond to remarkably specific stimuli, including the faces of celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston.

(When this region is damaged in people, they can lose their ability to identify faces and objects, a rare disorder called agnosia.) The images start out devoid of content, a gray blur of visual noise.

But based on which ones trigger a selected neuron to fire, a machine learning algorithm creates a new batch of images that the monkey neuron is predicted to “like” even more.

Over many iterations, the algorithm produces vaguely recognizable objects, including “gnomelike, monkeyish things,” says Margaret Livingstone, a neurobiologist at Harvard Medical School in Boston and the study’s principal investigator.

Further testing suggested that, although the same neurons respond to pictures of real monkey faces, they seem to prefer the distorted abstractions—things an animal would never see in real life, Livingstone and her colleagues report today in Cell.

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