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Beckon Introduces New Artificial Intelligence Capability; Empowers Marketers to Turn Messy Marketing Data Into Actionable Insights With a Single Click

With the application of AI, Beckon analyzes marketing data at the source, enforces it against Beckon's universal data model, and applies it to Beckon's proprietary library of industry best practices to seamlessly anticipate business questions and generate insight reports and dashboards in a single click.

Not only does this cut down on data integration, preparation and cleansing time, but it offers easier, more intuitive ways for marketers to add new data sources, interact with data, interpret insights and act on the findings.  According to Gartner's 2018 Marketing Data and Analytics Survey, 48% of marketing leaders say their marketing analytics teams are spending their time preparing the data to be analyzed, rather than actually analyzing it, and another 45% say their analytics staff spend their time doing foundational activities like data visualization and data preparation.

Each step in the process—from connecting to a data source, to preparing the data, to selecting what visualizations best answer a business question and identifying the data needed to support the question—requires specialized knowledge and tools that are now dramatically reduced, or in some cases eliminated, with the application of AI.

The only solution purpose-built for marketing, Beckon provides automated data management, total visibility into cross-channel performance, omnichannel analytics, real-time dashboards and scorecards, and marketing KPIs right out of the box for fast time to value.

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