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How smart is today's artificial intelligence?

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AI Codes its Own ‘AI Child’ - Artificial Intelligence breakthrough!

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Interview With The Lifelike Hot Robot Named Sophia (Full) | CNBC

CNBC's Andrew Ross Sorkin interviews Sophia, a humanoid robot, about the future of artificial intelligence at a Future Investment Institute panel in Saudi Arabia ...

Artificial Intelligence Leader Mark Palatucci Says A.I.'s No Threat to Mankind | TMZ

Elon Musk's fears of an artificial intelligence uprising are pretty ludicrous -- at least for the time being ... so says a man who specializes in the industry.

Fake Obama created using AI video tool - BBC News

Researchers at the University of Washington have produced a photorealistic former US President Barack Obama. Artificial intelligence was used to precisely ...

Why We’re Still Underestimating Artificial Intelligence – Andrew McAfee

Dr. Andrew McAfee describes an unexpected phenomenon, and one with profound consequences: for many tasks artificial intelligence technologies not only ...

Artificial Intelligence Can Identify Ingredients In Food Photos

Can you guess the recipe for these cookies? Artificial intelligence can. Researchers at MIT created an AI system called Pic2Recipe that predicts ingredients and ...

Nvidia's New AI Photo Filler Is Mind-Blowing to Watch

NVIDIA developed an AI imaging technique that can edit or reconstruct images even when parts of the image is erased. For more videos, subscribe to Mashable ...

A.I-Generated Video & The Future of Fake News

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Korean researchers use artificial intelligence to create ultra high definition images

AI 기술로 '초고화질 TV 영상' 만든다 Amid fierce competition for the next generation of TV displays, Korean researchers have developed a way to convert videos ...