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The Future Is Now: Lawyers, Artificial Intelligence, And Data Analytics

Lawyers from large law firms with over 100 attorneys were most likely to report using legal analytics in the past year at 75 percent, followed by 62 percent from firms of 10-49, 46 percent from firms of 2-9, and 35 percent of solo respondents.

According to the ABA Survey, lawyers have used legal analytics software for a number of different functions including: 1) legal research at 35 percent, 2) developing case or matter strategy at 22 percent, 3) understanding judges at 16 percent, 4) business development at 15 percent, 5) predicting likely outcomes of strategy or arguments at 14 percent, 6) understanding opposing counsel at 13 percent, 7) demonstrating expertise or competitive advantage to clients at 11 percent, 8) understanding jurisdictions at 10 percent, 9) assessing expert witnesses at 10 percent, 10) supporting communication with clients at 9 percent, and 11) estimating matter costs or resources at 8 percent.

Large firms with 100 or more lawyers led the way at 26 percent, followed by 5 percent of lawyers from firms of 2-9 attorneys, 4 percent of solo respondents, and 0 percent from firms of 10-49 attorneys.

Finally, 9 percent of respondents indicated their firms were seriously considering purchasing artificial intelligence-based technology tools, with large firm lawyers with 100 or more attorneys being the most likely to at 16 percent.

As for when artificial intelligence tools would become mainstream in the legal profession, 16 percent of respondents reported that would occur within the next three years, 19 percent chose the next four-to-five years, and 20 percent chose the next six-to-10 years.

Fifty-one percent were most concerned about the accuracy of the technology, 48 percent worried about the reliability of technology, 46 percent were concerned about the cost to implement it, 37 percent chose the amount of time required to learn how to use it, and 31 percent were focused on the difficulties encountered when changing processes.

Artificial Intelligence: Educating the Legal Profession

Time: November 22, 2019, 10am-4:30pmLocation: Greenberg Lounge of Vanderbilt Hall, 40 Washington Square South  Artificial Intelligence is already appearing in our courts and law offices.  Like any tool, automated decision systems require a degree of competence to be used responsibly.  As the legal profession increasingly interacts with and relies on artificial intelligence, it becomes increasingly important that members of the profession understand it.

At this conference, we hope to unveil two different ways to provide an introductory level of education on some of the key issues, one focusing on technical competence and statistical literacy and the other focusing on key ethical issues.  Last, we will host a discussion dedicated to the important issue of ensuring that our judiciary understands the automated decisions systems that are already appearing in both civil and criminal cases.

the Judiciary How are judges currently educated on AI issues?  How can we ensure that, going forward, judges are competent to understand automated decision systems, ensure they are deployed appropriately during litigation, and monitor parties' use of these technologies in their cases.

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‚ÄčArtificial Intelligence:A discipline concerned with the building of computer programs that perform tasks requiring intelligence when done by humans.

Biometrics: The use of unique physical characteristics (fingerprints, iris pattern etc.) to identify individuals, typically for the purposes of security Cloud Computing:An approach to computing in which the end user connects to a remote network of computers (the cloud) in order to run programs, store data, etc.

This enables users to access large amounts of data storage and computing power from anywhere in the world without having to own and maintain these resources themselves.

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