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The Global AI Race – Which Country Is Winning?

(As far as media outlets go, Bloomberg still manages to produce quality articles with little political spin or first-sentence typos.) The article pretty much said that artificial intelligence (AI) has a long way to go towards being commercially mature, and that countries around the world are scrambling to not be left behind.

What sparked our interest the most was a report produced by Stanford University that the article mentioned titled AI Index 2018 which attempts to “track, collate, distill, and visualize data relating to artificial intelligence.”

One way to measure research is by looking at academic papers that are being published on any given topic using a database like Scopus, the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature.

Still, academic papers dominated each region as a percentage of the total: So, we might conclude that the U.S. is doing better quality research, the Chinese are producing more papers than any other country, and the volume of artificial intelligence research has increased dramatically in the past 15 years.

When it comes to industries and functions, AI is being used heavily in telecom service operations (companies like Pindrop or Afiniti.) There is also heavy usage of AI in retail marketing and sales, topics we’ve touched on in numerous articles like 8 Artificial Intelligence Startups Improving CRM or 6 Artificial Intelligence Startups Customizing CRM.

Any competent hiring manager or company founder could care less about whether or not their team members sit or stand when they go to take a piss, but rather that they are competent individuals who play well with others.

you break it down by EACH country,) sexuality, economic background, hair color (we need more gingers in AI,) political affiliation, religion, height, and attractiveness (ugly people need AI too.) Once you’ve thoroughly vetted the entire population of qualified AI workers, then you are in a position to do the difficult work, which is to then analyze each role and location and compare it to the available pipeline of candidates.

Throughout this past year, we’ve sent our MBAs gallivanting across the globe to look at some of the top artificial intelligence startups in various countries and regions, and taking every chance possible to take the piss out of people using every cultural stereotype we could think of.

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Global race for AI superiority

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