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Next, automation is coming for your job

That prospect can seem far off given the current state of AI, which thrives on crunching large datasets with defined boundaries, and on executing repeatable processes.

If that reminds you of a financial analyst predicting a company's market performance, or of a legal team searching for a precedent, or of a doctor matching a list of symptoms against a catalog of known ailments—well, you get the idea.

That doesn't necessarily mean that accounting and consulting jobs are doomed, but experts generally agree that even the most optimistic take on AI—the version in which machine learning generates productivity gains that lead to more relaxed work schedules and also creates new, unforeseen job categories that make up for those it devours—will cause substantial temporary upheaval.

The shakeup, according to Brookings' data, will disproportionately affect some demographics that have previously been fairly immune to such trends: men, workers in the prime of their careers, whites and Asians.

In contrast, women are statistically overrepresented in fields such as education and health care, where they are more likely to perform the sort of interpersonal tasks that computers struggle to pull off.

There also are examples in history where things didn't work out according to the worst-case scenario: Past economic upheavals, such as the industrial revolution, typically have resulted in new jobs offsetting those lost.

In Britain, politicians have floated the notion of a four-day workweek in response to the efficiency gains brought on by AI and similar technologies, and Yang isn't the only one in the U.S. beating the drum for universal basic income.

'There will be individuals who find even more meaningful work than what they had previously and others who don't find work at all,' says Mike Evans, co-founder of Grubhub and now CEO of Fixer, a tech-enabled home repair service that Evans says he created in part to address the coming labor market upheaval.

Artificial Intelligence in Microsoft Teams: A New Enhancement for Microsoft 365

As knowledge workers start adopting AI, they can become well-versed with better insights into the activities going around them, more creative using design, more focused on productive tasks, and happier for not getting stuck in a monotonous task.

At Ignite 2019, Microsoft showed that how Microsoft 365 helps people put their best foot forward and combining it with AI drives a significant shift in how people interact with Microsoft 365 apps.

Get the benefits of three decades of research and development from this US-based tech-giant to enhance skills and encourage teamwork, get knowledgeable insights to boost decision-making, and embrace a flexible, secure work environment.

We believe that the integration of Artificial Intelligence in Microsoft 365, including MS Teams, can instantly help organizations and its employees attain better results by delivering smart technologies that emphasize on business needs and empower knowledge workers.

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