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In October 2018, Deputy Friedman coordinated a full scale active shooter exercise at the Charlotte Federal Courthouse, which included all Judges, Clerks, U.S. Marshals, Local Law Enforcement, Fire Department, EMS, and the local hospital.

Since then, he’s conducted many active shooter presentations to various court officials, law firms, and paralegal associations.

Since then, he’s conducted many active shooter presentations to various court officials, law firms, and paralegal associations.

Norwood-Foden is a graduate of East Stroudsburg University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, earned a paralegal certification from Penn State University and successfully completed the judicial administration certification program offered by Michigan State University.  She is currently pursuing her Master of Legal Studies degree from West Virginia University. She is an active member of the Pennsylvania Association for Court Management (PACM) and served as President in 2009.  She currently serves as Secretary for the Mid-Atlantic Association of Court Management (MAACM) and Co-chairs the Professional Development Committee.

Adam Sibley Lieutenant, Chester County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Adam Sibley has served in law enforcement since 2008, and is currently employed with the Chester County Sheriff’s Office in Pennsylvania.  Throughout the past ten years, Adam has been involved with the Sheriff’s Office Judicial Security Unit and Protective Intelligence Unit responsible for anticipating, deterring, and investigating threats of violence against court staff and other participants within the Chester County court system.  During this time, Adam has also assisted in the development and delivery of active threat response training to several thousand county employees and hundreds of citizens.

Artificial intelligence

Why it matters: The U.S. has long been the clear leader in AI research, but in recent years China and Europe have made vast strides toward overtaking it.

Driving the news: The Partnership on AI (PAI) — a group of tech companies, universities and nonprofits — published a paper this week calling for looser immigration rules and easier-to-obtain visas for short visits.

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