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Iceland Responsible Fisheries Certification

What is the secret of the Icelandic fish, savoured by chefs and food-lovers across the globe?

The heritage, tradition and most off all the people of the fishing towns and villages is the answer.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions from Pegasus One

At Pegasus One, artificial intelligence is very much in the front seat of our efforts, driving innovation across ALL of our customer’s business lines in a way they simply won’t be able to find anywhere else –

Whether you’re looking for dynamic customer relationship management suites powered by intelligent conversation bots, AI-integrated analytics tools for smarter and more forward-thinking insights, predictive self-care health diagnostics or something else entirely doesn’t actually matter.

Over the years, our AI development solutions have been used to power a wide range of different businesses in nearly every industry that you can think of, including but not limited to ones like: Our team is comprised of more than just “technology professionals.”

From technology startups to hospitals and absolutely everyone in between, our AI solutions are custom built to help decision makers across all sectors gain access to the invaluable insight and knowledge they NEED to make better and more informed decisions on a daily basis.

As a business, we’ve dedicated ourselves to building the tools, securing the channels, and integrating the AI services that YOU need to scale up your systems in a way that helps you set up a smarter business in no time at all.

What is Artificial Intelligence and where India Stands in AI race

Hello friends I am Rohit Scientist discussing a very serious issue that is AI and where India stands in this race....Watch this video to know about this..... Like our ...

Secretary Robert O. Work on Artificial Intelligence in the Hyperwar Era

Leaders in defense and national security such as Former Deputy Secretary of Defense, Robert O. Work, and General John Allen, a retired United States Marine ...

Who is winning the artificial intelligence race?

Read the full story on the Stanford Engineering website: In a recent talk at Stanford, Kai-Fu Lee says China has taken the lead. Lee is ..

AI helps China's logistics industry upgrade

Over 50 billion express packages are delivered in China annually. How that possible? Artificial intelligence!

Indian Army announces new land warfare doctrine

The Indian Army (IA) is seeking to create integrated battle groups (IBGs), expand its cyber warfare capabilities, and induct energy-directed weapons as well as ...

Robot Surgeons are the Future of Medicine

Share on Facebook: DISCLAIMER: Surgical imagery depicted. Not for the easily squeamish! // Medical technology is getting weirder ..

AI Governance Landscape

The development of artificial intelligence is well-poised to massively change the world. It's possible that AI could make life better for all of us, but many experts ...

The $20 prosthetic knee that could change lives in India

In Jaipur, India, about 150 patients show up every day at an organization that creates low-cost prosthetic limbs for people with mobility problems. Special ...

2019 Lexus ES Driven by Intuition Making Of The AI Commercial

Lexus, a brand famous for being at the leading edge of technical innovation, has explored new ground in film-making with the release of 'Driven by Intuition,' an ...

Data Centric Warfare क्या है? | दुनिया में कहां कहां पहुंचा 5G?

World is moving to develop 5G networks, which will render militaries to unprecedented autonomous warfare capabilities specially with the advancement of ...