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What's The Difference Between Business Intelligence And Artificial Intelligence? - With Elif Tutuk, Senior Director At Qlik Research Artificial Intelligence In Industry With Daniel Faggella podcast

When we polled our audience about what they were interested in, the most selected response was 'business intelligence.'

As a follow-up, we asked them what business intelligence meant to them, and their responses boiled down to anything about understanding the data businesses are already collecting.

How to Build Data Science Teams for AI Projects

I hope that by the end of this episode of the AI in Industry podcast, you'll not only be able to hire better data scientists who will be a fit for your business problems and build better data science teams, but also pick the AI applications and use cases that you should bring into your business versus those that you shouldn't.

Wenig speaks with us this week about what to look for in an actual data scientist and how to find data science folks with the right skills to be able to communicate to business people, not just to work with models.

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