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ServiceNow adds artificial intelligence features to its business software

(Reuters) - ServiceNow Inc on Wednesday said it released a new version of its cloud software with artificial intelligence technology designed to fix practical problems, such as helping users reset forgotten passwords.

For example, if an employee needs to reset a password to access human resources software, the person can talk to a virtual assistant in the ServiceNow system that can ask a few questions and reset the password automatically.

The system can be used to file a request about a broken computer using a smart phone, letting the employee upload a picture of the broken computer and connect with an IT agent via video to try to fix it.

Gains In Artificial Intelligence Help Advisors Serve Clients Better

As artificial intelligence changes the investment landscape, advisors need to stay one step ahead.

Using deep learning and neural networks to instantly identify subtle patterns enables tech-savvy organizations to race ahead of the pack, creating opportunities for investors who track firms that are integrating AI into their overall strategy.

'I'll show a client how that might not make sense in their situation,' even after they plug their data into some analytic platform that spits out an asset allocation or stock selection strategy.

While consumers may not understand the technical underpinnings of self-driving cars, medical devices and other machine learning-enabled technologies, they expect their advisor to take advantage of cutting-edge advances in the field.

First, there are predictive tools that help portfolio managers assess investors' feelings about risk and their range of reactions to market swings.

For example, advisors can spot what Chawla calls 'life event triggers' such as a client's interest in buying a home, which in turn could spark a conversation about mortgage options.

While clients may express concern to their advisor about cybersecurity and safeguarding their personal data, they are less worried about the role of AI in influencing the relationship.

For instance, Wedmont Private Capital recently launched a tech-enabled alternative to the traditional wealth management model, charging high-net-worth clients a flat fee that includes direct indexing in which their portfolios aim to replicate a market index.

'It involves us using an AI optimization engine to build custom portfolios that mirror a specific benchmark in the market,' said James Pelletier, co-founder of West Chester, Pa.-based Wedmont.

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