AI News, Artificial Intelligence improves stroke and dementia diagnosis in most common brain scan

Artificial Intelligence improves stroke and dementia diagnosis in most common brain scan

New software, created by scientists at Imperial College London and the University of Edinburgh, has been able to identify and measure the severity of small vessel disease, one of the commonest causes of stroke and dementia.

Researchers say that this technology can help clinicians to administer the best treatment to patients more quickly in emergency settings -- and predict a person's likelihood of developing dementia.

Dr Paul Bentley, lead author and Clinical Lecturer at Imperial College London, said: 'This is the first time that machine learning methods have been able to accurately measure a marker of small vessel disease in patients presenting with stroke or memory impairment who undergo CT scanning.

Professor Joanna Wardlaw, Head of Neuroimaging Sciences at the University of Edinburgh, added: 'This is a first step in making a scan reading tool that could be useful in mining large routine scan datasets and, after more testing, might aid patient assessment at hospital admission with stroke.'

Small vessel disease (SVD) is a very common neurological disease in older people that reduces blood flow to the deep white matter connections of the brain, damaging and eventually killing the brain cells.

The software could be applied in future to estimate the likely risk of haemorrhage in patients and doctors can decide on a personal basis, along with other factors, whether to treat or not with clot busters.

The study used historical data of 1082 CT scans of stroke patients across 70 hospitals in the UK between 2000-2014, including cases from the Third International Stroke Trial.

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