AI News, Artificial Intelligence Helps Find Cancer Cells

Artificial Intelligence Helps Find Cancer Cells

A microscope, invented by a professor at the University of California, uses artificial intelligence in order to locate cancer cells more efficiently than ever before.

Other techniques currently in practice do not label cells, but identify cancer cells based on physical characteristics that can oftentimes falsely identify regular cells as damaged.

The photonic time stretch microscope images cells without causing them harm and can identify over two dozen physical characteristics, including: biomass, granularity and size.

Couple that with a deep learning computer program that locates cancer cells correctly 95% of the time, and you have a much better chance of pinpointing cancer cells early on, allowing for quicker treatment to stop the spread.

With the help of optics that boost clarity within images while at the same time slowing them down just enough to detect and capture at a rate of 36 million images each second, the new microscope can track information not possible in the past.

Chen states the photonic time stretch approach allows researchers to identify rogue cells in a very short period of time even with low levels of illumination.

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