AI News, Artificial Intelligence gaining ground in industrial applications artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence gaining ground in industrial applications

According to presenters, Ilmari Veijola and Tuomas Humalajoki in the Siemens-organized session, simulation models are reaching an unprecedented level of detail and realism, which has been dubbed as “digital twin”-technology and simply refers to the fact that the simulation models are digital images of the technical real-world reality that they depict.

25 Machine Learning Startups To Watch In 2019

From powering personalized career sites that recommend open positions that are ideal for a given candidate based on their capabilities as does today, to scaling the complexity and volume of machine learning algorithms, so they’re more accessible as DataRobot does, machine learning startups are taking on many of business’ most significant challenges.

25 Machine Learning Startups To Watch In 2019 Alation - Alation offers a machine learning data catalog to help people find, understand, and trust data across their organizations.

Anodot – Capitalizes on the innate strengths of machine learning by continually looking for patterns using constraint-based modeling across the diverse data sets, businesses are relying on to operate daily.

Similar to many machine learning startups that capitalize on the technology’s ability to learn continually, Anodot’s AI platform looks to eliminate blind spots in data and quantify root-causes in diverse data sets.

Anodot’s Autonomous Analytics platform leverages advanced machine learning techniques to constantly analyze and correlate every business parameter, providing real-time alerts and forecasts, in their context, lowering time to detection and resolution.

Ablacon – Ablacon is a fascinating startup that has built a premier machine intelligence system to quantitatively and qualitatively understand and treat atrial fibrillation (AF).Their technology visualizes in real-time what is going on in the heart.

Their Biovitals platform is one of the most sophisticated personalized physiological data analytics engine based on human physiology that formulates personalized health models, resulting in highly optimized post-acute patient monitoring solutions and accurate prediction of patient health deterioration before it happens.

Cinnamon – One of the most exciting machine learning startups to watch based on their unique approach to integrating AI techniques and machine learning to streamline the mundane tasks of automating data extraction from unstructured documents, Cinnamon has shown steady progress in the last year gaining new customers and adding new features to their solution. is relying on machine learning to improve the encoding and decoding densities achieved for images, averaging 95% compression rates of a raw image without significantly losing its quality.

Their Falcon platform stops breaches by detecting all attacks types, even malware-free intrusions, providing five-second visibility across all current and past endpoint activity while reducing cost and complexity for customers.

CrowdStrike’s Threat Graph provides real-time analysis of data from endpoint events across the global crowdsourcing community, allowing detection and prevention of attacks based on patented behavioral pattern recognition technology.

An example of the workflow created is shown below: DataRobot – DataRobot is an enterprise machine learning platform designed for broad adoption and usability across the many skill levels in an organization.

The platform provides a broad base of algorithms and tools for developing and deploying machine learning and AI projects, including libraries of hundreds of open source machine learning algorithms.

What makes noteworthy is that it’s the first AI-based Talent Intelligence Platform that combines analysis of publicly available data, internal data repositories, Human Capital Resource Management (HRM) systems, ATS tools, and spreadsheets then creates ontologies based on organization-specific success criteria.

HEALTH[at]SCALE – What fascinating about this startup is how it is developing machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions for health care's most challenging problems, including matching every patient to appropriate treatment by relevant providers at the best time for patients to achieve optimal results.

HEALTH[at]SCALE Treatment delivers personalized predictions of benefit, harm, and adherence for members across treatment choices and guides the effective use of treatments to improve longitudinal member outcomes.

Hunters.AI – What makes this startup unique in the rapidly growing field of AI and machine learning-based cybersecurity startups is the approach to provide real-time updates on Attack Intelligence, Hunting AI, and continuous automation with an enterprise’s existing security data.

Impact Analytics – Capitalizing on the inherent strengths of AI and machine learning to find anomalies, patterns and trends in legacy data and entirely new data sets from recently launched business models is where Impact Analytics makes its most significant contributions.

They have a successful track record providing customer analytics, margin improvement, marketing analytics, merchandising optimization, operational improvements, and robotic process automation.

Innovaccer – Innovaccer develops AI- and machine learning-based systems for healthcare organizations, enabling them to integrate complex data across multiple distributed sources and provide valuable insights to healthcare professionals.

Like many great solutions, Inspectorio was born from the frustration of three serial entrepreneurs who had to deal with the slow, manual process of quality inspections – while receiving little to no visibility.

The startup offers field workforce optimization, real-time tracking, route optimization, resource allocation automation, and on-demand management to more than 250 enterprise clients.

It’s a brilliant idea to use AI and machine learning to solve one of CRM’s greatest challenges, which is getting enough data captured by customer and prospect over time to make higher quality sales decisions.

RAVIN – Using AI, machine learning and traffic monitoring cameras to gather a continuous real-time stream of data that is used to analyze a vehicles’ current condition, RAVIN provides greater transparency to rental car companies, fleet owners and user car sales networks.AI and machine learning are used to evaluate and immediately report any anomalies in the condition of a vehicle.

A conceptual representation of their vehicle reporting is shown below: - Created to serve financial service providers by helping them manage and grow their consumer credit portfolios, is a leading cloud-based AI platform in the financial services industry.

The SRM CRM platform drives action from this insight, enabling every member of the provider's enterprise to proactively manage digital and traditional touch-points while being focused on the prescribed next best actions.

Tamr - Following the success of initial research at MIT Computer Science and Information Lab (CSAIL), the Tamr team began building a commercial-grade solution designed to tackle the challenge of connecting and enriching diverse data at scale using machine learning.

As a result of their unique approach to data capture combined with advanced AI and machine learning analysis of imagery, Terramonitor can quickly analyze broad geographic regions for agricultural, infrastructure, environmental, and forestry-related insights.

Continuous Deep Learning for Visual Systems | @ExpoDX #AI #IoT #IIoT #Machine Learning #DeepLearning #ArtificialIntelligence | SYS-CON MEDIA

Download Slide Deck: ▸ Here Continuous Deep Learning for Visual Systems In his session at 21st Cloud Expo, James Henry, Co-CEO/CTO of Calgary Scientific Inc., introduced you to the challenges, solutions and benefits of training AI systems to solve visual problems with an emphasis on improving AIs with continuous training in the field.

Download Slide Deck: ▸ Here He explored applications in several industries and discuss technologies that allow the deployment of advanced visualization solutions to the cloud.

Download Slide Deck: ▸ Here Speaker Bio James Henry is Co-CEO/CTO of Calgary Scientific Inc., a company specializing in bringing real time interactive software to cloud and mobile platforms.

He has 25 years of experience leading software teams in many industries including the oil and gas, healthcare, telecommunication, geolocation, construction and simulation industries.

Cloud-Native thinking and Serverless Computing are now the norm in financial services, manufacturing, telco, healthcare, transportation, energy, media, entertainment, retail and other consumer industries, as well as the public sector.

Recent research has shown that DevOps dramatically reduces development time, the amount of enterprise IT professionals put out fires, and support time generally.

Successful transformation requires a laser focus on being data-driven and on using all the tools available that enable transformation if they plan to survive over the long term.

Our CloudEXPO Silicon Valley 2019 schedule showcases 200 presentations, including keynotes, technical sessions, general sessions, power panels, and hands-on tutorials presented by 150 rockstar speakers in the 10 hottest conference tracks of 2019.

Cloud-Native thinking and Serverless Computing are now the norm in financial services, manufacturing, telco, healthcare, transportation, energy, media, entertainment, retail and other consumer industries, as well as the public sector.

Successful transformation requires a laser focus on being data-driven and on using all the tools available that enable transformation if they plan to survive over the long term.

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