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Sam Payabvash, MD

Stroke imaging: Devising prognostic model for stroke patients based on the location of brain parenchymal damage on initial scans.

Head and neck cancers: Applying texture analysis, radiomics and machine-learning models for differentiation of neoplasms, prediction of molecular subtypes, and prognostication beyond current staging schemes based on CT, MRI, and PET scans in patients with tumors of brain and neck.

‘We need precision medicine to make the next great leap in care’

The regional burn center at UC Davis Medical Center routinely treats victims of car accidents, industrial accidents and other mishaps occurring in the external world around us.

After Wang developed kidney stones, he became a candidate to take allopurinol, a prescription xanthine oxidase inhibitor medication commonly prescribed to help.

The initiative centers on the university’s growing influence and research portfolio in the field of precision medicine, also known widely as “personalized medicine.”

The goal is to allow clinicians and researchers to predict more accurately the selection of treatment and prevention strategies for a particular disease or injury that will provide the best outcomes for specific groups of people or individuals.

Besides the direct benefit to the patient, delivering the optimal treatment the first time could also positively impact health care efficiency and costs in a larger social sense.

'We’ve always been doing this kind of work in medicine, but we have better tools now, and it gives us a new lens we can use to see health and clinical care differently —

For example, UC Davis oncologists can use a leading-edge battery of molecular tests to determine whether a cancer will respond to drugs designed to target particular genetic mutations, and identify which chemotherapies will be more effective.

The center is currently one of California’s only to be awarded NCI’s LAPS grant, making it a lead academic participating site for clinical trials across four major networks.

For hard-to-diagnose patients and others with certain symptom sets, identifying disease causing genes can help to create new treatment and management options.

The university’s nationally prominent animal and human research centers, diverse patient population, and proximity to the state Capitol also provide unique benefits.

As a charter member of the California Precision Medicine Consortium, last year UC Davis Health also became one of five California health systems to collaborate to implement the All of Us Research Program, a 10-year, $1.4 billion landmark study that’s a major component of the federal Precision Medicine Initiative.

'You can’t get precision medicine without data from a diverse population, and All Of Us develops that diversity information that’s needed to help reduce health disparities,' said Jennifer Sanchez, the precision medicine center’s program coordinator.

variety of UC Davis Health research teams are currently working on precision medicine-embedded translational or clinical studies, aimed at creating new insights that directly inform or improve care.

Subject and specialty areas range from common military combat injuries such as traumatic brain injury and burns, to Jordan's syndrome, a rare pediatric condition that causes neurodevelopmental disorders.

Meanwhile, other UC Davis teams are enhancing the foundations of precision medicine through studies and projects meant to strengthen both local and national capabilities in genomics, data gathering, data analytics and workforce preparation.

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