AI News, Artificial Intelligence for Fashion: How AI is Revolutionizing the Fashion Industry

Artificial Intelligence for Fashion: How AI is Revolutionizing the Fashion Industry

<div><p>Learn about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being applied in the fashion industry. With an application focused approach, this book provides real-world examples, breaks down technical jargon for non-technical readers, and provides an educational resource for fashion professionals.  The book investigates the ways in which AI is impacting every part of the fashion value chain starting with product discovery and working backwards to manufacturing.</p> <p>Artificial Intelligence for Fashion walks you through concepts from connected retail and data mining to artificially intelligent robotics.  Each chapter is organized to contain one example of how AI is being applied in the fashion industry and one major technological theme. The technological explanations are cumulative and as the reader continues, a little bit more is revealed about the inner workings of artificial intelligence. <b></b></p></div><div><b>What You’ll Learn</b><br></div><div><ul><li>Gain a basic understanding of AI and how it is used in fashion<br></li><li>Understand key terminology and concepts in AI<br></li><li>Review the new competitive landscape of the fashion industry<br></li><li>Conceptualize and develop new ways to apply AI within the workplace</li></ul><b>Who This Book Is For</b></div><div><b><br></b></div><div>Fashion industry professionals from designers, managers, department heads, and executives can use this book to learn about how AI is impacting roles in every department and profession. It is not a book for engineers trying to get better at coding or learn new techniques. There are no equations, algorithms, or code.</div>