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IIT Hyderabad To Launch B.Tech. In Artificial Intelligence. A First In India

programme in AI and likely the third institute globally - after Carnegie Mellon University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), both of which are in the U.S, said a statement from the technological and engineering institute in an official release.

The programme also aims to enable students to become leaders in the industry and academia nationally and internationally and meet the pressing demands of the nation in the areas of AI and Machine Learning.

It is envisaged that students graduating from these programs will apply their training to become leaders in the industry and academia and contribute to building a better future for India and the world.

'AI solutions are particularly promising for India (given the availability of a large corpus of data) where it can have a major positive impact on several critical domains such as healthcare, crop and soil management, weather prediction, surveillance and security, and defence.

Is the "10 Year Challenge" on Facebook a privacy scheme disguised as a meme?

It's the simple meme that's taking over your social media feeds: the '10 Year Challenge,' where users upload side-by-side photos of themselves from a decade ago and now.

Facebook on Wednesday distanced itself from the '10 Year Challenge' after an article set off speculation that the social media giant could be secretly mining data from the photos to improve its facial recognition algorithms.

The photo challenge gives Facebook 'a perfect storm for machine learning,' said Amy Webb, a professor at NYU Stern School of Business with an upcoming book about how artificial intelligence can manipulate humans.

'It presented Facebook with a terrified opportunity to learn, to train their systems to better recognize small changes' in users' appearances, she told CBS News.

She warned of 'fraught consequences' that could come from this data, such as insurance companies kicking up coverage costs for people who seem to be aging quickly.

It is also rolling out new products that rely on artificial intelligence, such as Portal, a video chat screen with a camera that can follow you around a room and automatically focus on your face.

'It's good that finally, even though it took a couple days, eventually the conversation (began) of, 'Wait a minute, did we just play into the hands of the tech giants again?'' Barr said.

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It took no time at all for the police to catch him.

The city extends 3,100 square miles and is home to around 4.7 million people.

Sudworth was on a special assignment to find out whether Chinese law enforcement really could find anyone, anytime.

But the city's police claim they want to keep their citizens safe by preventing criminal behavior.

Invited inside the high-tech police control room, he saw the technology and system put to the test in real time...

After adding his photo and name as a suspect to the database, Sudworth hit the streets to see how long it would take law enforcement to find him.

Cameras identified his face while he entered the bus station and sent an alert to nearby police.

The technology embedded in the app keeps track of what you listen to and analyzes the characteristics of other songs to create a similar list.

This year, the AI market could be worth $11.3 billion, according to market intelligence firm Tractica.

By 2025, estimates put that number at almost $90 billion, nearly eight times higher.

including driverless cars, music, movies, health care, security, and the 'Internet of Things' –

this shift will give rise to some of the world's most important and lucrative investment stories over the coming months and years.

He used big data and machine learning to spot her tumors and treat them directly with radiation therapy.

Machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence are intertwined fields of computer science.

They allow software to adjust and improve over time by using large training datasets.

AI will allow their software to identify abnormalities in CT and MRI scans that are too small to spot with the human eye.

Research firm McKinsey estimates that Big Data, which includes machine learning, and analytics will become a roughly $100-billion-a-year business in earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA), going by the median forecast.

I expect the companies riding this big trend will be some of the stock market's biggest winners in the next several years.

This special offer is the only way to access their brand-new portfolio of stocks, each of which could turn every $1,000 invested into $10,000 or more over the long haul...

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Breaking News - Facial recognition AI built into police body cameras could lead to FALSE ARRESTS, e

Body cameras worn by police in the US could soon have in-built facial recognition software, sparking 'serious concerns' among civil liberties groups.

Dahua AI IVSS Face Recognition