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The AI-Art Gold Rush Is Here

Hoerle-Guggenheim worked as a financial analyst for Hyatt before getting into the art business via some kind of consulting deal (he responded cryptically when I pressed him for details).

AICAN could develop into a closed system in which an artificial intelligence scours the information space for influences, generates a new iteration of art, and then reanalyzes that work’s reception in the human world, ad infinitum.

The trappings of machine learning look fresh and interesting today, but soon they too will become tiresome, like NTSC-video scan lines and JPEG compression artifacts did after they ceased to be novelties brought into the gallery.

And yet, of all the aesthetic forms, fine art might be the most compatible with technological disruption—both thrive on novelty, even if it burns hot and fast.

When all is said and done, Elgammal may be an earnest computer scientist turned accidental artist and entrepreneur drawn into the orbit of wily art-market players.

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