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They believe this will be one of the most important and widely beneficial scientific advances ever made, increasing their capacity to understand the mysteries of the universe and to tackle some of their most pressing real-world challenges.

From climate change to the need for radically improved healthcare, too many problems suffer from painfully slow progress, their complexity overwhelming their ability to find solutions.

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What's more, the model can be abused by extremist groups to create 'synthetic propaganda' that would allow them to automatically generate long text promoting white supremacy or jihadist Islamis, for instance.

The outputted text could be used to create misleading news articles, impersonate other people, automatically create abusive or fake content for social media or to use to spam people with – along with a variety of possible uses that might not even have been imagined yet, they noted.

'These findings, combined with earlier results on synthetic imagery, audio, and video, imply that technologies are reducing the cost of generating fake content and waging disinformation campaigns,' they wrote.

The researchers said that experts needed to work to consider 'how research into the generation of synthetic images, videos, audio, and text may further combine to unlock new as-yet-unanticipated capabilities for these actors, and should seek to create better technical and non-technical countermeasures'.

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MIT researchers have developed a new control system that can provide a two-legged robot to keep its stability and balance while running and jumping.

[Link] Cancer alone is estimated to have made 9.6 million deaths in 2018, with an estimated 18 million new incidents reached in the same year.

[Link] Researchers at leading AI firm DeepMind developed a program called AlphaStar capable of reaching the top eSport league for the popular video game, ranking among the top 0.2 percent of all human players.

[Link] On Thursday, a Pentagon advisory organization called the Defense Innovation Board published a set of ethical principles for how military agencies should design AI-enabled weapons and apply them on the battlefield.

Ourmodel involves (i) a Slow pathway, operating at a low frame rate… [Paper, Code] Abstract: Both convolutional and recurrent operations are building blocks that process one local neighborhood at a time.