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As part of the EU-funded project 'Cash for Work: Improving livelihoods opportunities for urban youth in Yemen', UNESCO is organizing an awareness-raising event in Brussels on 21 January 2020 at BOZAR national musuem.

the first year of implementation, preparatory work has been achieved consisting of the production of comprehensive heritage damage assessments and Sites Rehabilitation Plans in the four historic cities covered by the Project (Sanaa, Shibam, Zabid and Aden), support to youth-led cultural programming and networking between young artists, thus mobilizing several stakeholders from Yemen and the Diaspora.

It will raise awareness about the country’s rich tangible and intangible heritage, as well as the damages related to the conflict while shedding a light on inspiring engagement of young people in the culture field.

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Large amount of data created by various mobile platforms, social media interactions, e-commerce transactions, and IoT provide an opportunity for businesses to effectively tailor their services by effective use of AI.

Speakers will showcase successful industry vertical use cases, share development and administration tips, and educate organizations about how best to leverage AI as a key component in their enterprise architecture.

You Get To Meet You get to meet technical experts, Senior , VC and C-level executives from leading innovators in the AI space (Executives from startups to large corporations will be at our conference.) Who Should Attend: CEO, EVP/SVP/VP, C-Level, Director, Global Head, Manager, Decision-makers, Business Executives responsible for AI Intiatives, Heads of Innovation, Heads of Product Development, Analysts, Project managers, Analytics managers, Data Scientist, Statistian, Sales, Marketing, human resources, Engineers, AI &

Software Developers, VCs/Investors, AI Consultants and Service Providers, Architects, Networking specialists, Students, Professional Services, Data Analyst, BI Developer/Architect, QA, Performance Engineers, Data Warehouse Professional, Sales, Pre Sales, Technical Marketing, PM, Teaching Staff, Delivery Manager and other line-of-business executives What you will learn You'll get up to speed on emerging techniques and technologies by analyzing case studies, develop new technical skills through in-depth workshop, share emerging best practices in AI and future trends.

ConditionsIn order to obtain a high-quality audience at the Conferences, Global Artificial Intelligence Conference reserves the right to revoke any purchased tickets from an attendee without explanation.If you have any questions concerning the event, please do not hesitate to contact or Call 408-400-3769

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