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Artificial Intelligence in a Democratic Society

We are witnessing the rise of artificial intelligence in every aspect of our society and its institutions.

A mix of increasing technological capabilities is now coupled with growing recognition that the world needs a set of norms for governing AI.

From warfare to welfare, and from the boardroom to the courtroom, intelligent machines make decisions that affect the life, liberty, wellbeing and right to opportunity of human beings.

The summit is aimed at identifying frameworks that could support a set of actionable ethical principles, policy frameworks, new codes of conduct, and regulations, to help society benefit from technological advancements, while mitigating their risks.

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What laws, regulations, and self-governance mechanisms (including rules of legal and judicial ethics) regulate AI and its development?

in Daily Life As headlines draw our attention to some more transformative uses of AI (e.g., self-driving cars), other uses have permeated society with less fanfare, but arguably more pervasive impact (think Alexa and Spotify.)

This panel will discuss automation in daily life, its impact on social interactions, perceptions, and privacy.

How are our laws, Regulations, and norms ensuring this technology has a positive impact on our lives, while keeping us protected from privacy issues and issues of algorithmic bias?

What are the best practices and corporate governance methods (including rules of corporate and legal ethics), currently in use, and are they adequate to address the growth of data-driven and automation-driven technology?

Loomis challenged the State of Wisconsin's use of proprietary, closed-source risk assessment software in the sentencing memo presented by the prosecution.

We will organize a mock civil trial based loosely on the facts ofLoomis, highlighting some of the important issues raised.

From new technologies available to lawyers to new technologies available to clients, AI and automation is changing the day-to-day life of lawyers and the issues they work on.

Rivera (Associate, Harris Beach PLLC) 4:55 - 5:00 Day 1 Closing Remarks 8:30 – 9:00 Breakfast 9:00 – 9:10 Opening Remarks 9:10 – 10:25 Panel 6: A

What laws, guidelines, and self-regulations (including rules of legal and judicial ethics) need to be developed to define what would be “successful” uses of the technology?

This panel will synthesize the thoughts of previous panels and look towards future projects to help encourage the ethical development, governance, and deployment of AI.

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