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Augmented Reality Smart Cities

By blurring the lines between the physical and digital worlds, it adds an interactive layer that merges the real and virtual, opening up a new world of possibilities that have the potential to reshape urban society.

Augmented reality is the interaction of data, graphics and sensory enhancements over-laid on a real environment, in real time to immerse the user in an enhanced experience of a real-life environment or situation.

Novel applications have already begun to introduce AR technology into the mainstream, for example, Pokemon Go became a gaming sensation in 2016 when it utilised smartphone screens and cameras to show players a new layer as they explored their real environment.

AR acts serves as a visual portal to access data across a city’s public and private sectors, adding huge value to prospect of data as true public asset and resource.

The trend towards open data in Smart Cities is creating a range of opportunities for AR: Consider the benefits of a municipal worker being able to “see” pipes under the road or pavement when fixing a water leak or seeing the electricity cables underground when maintaining urban power infrastructure.

When multiple planning options are available, urban planners, designers, architects, engineers, construction executives and indeed, the local citizen, could switch between real world views of those options and offer their preferences before construction starts.

AR systems with access to blueprints and IoT data can therefore enable emergency responders to select the safest course through hazardous environments, allowing them to save more lives while protecting themselves from harm.

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