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The Geopolitics of Artificial Intelligence

Something stood out of the ordinary during a speech by China’s president, Xi Jinping, in January 2018.

IMPLICATIONS OF CHINA’S AI By 2030, China wants to be the world’s leading AI power, with an AI industry valued at $150 billion.

The biggest impact is that it would shift the China-Russia relationship, from energy and currency, areas that the U.S. can influence, to Chinese AI, over which the U.S. has no control.

First, labor movements, which have long been a variable of geopolitics (e.g., H1B tensions between the U.S. and India, or treatment of Filipino maids in Middle East), would now revolve around the movements (and restrictions) of Chinese AI.

The AI doctors may need to be programmed with local Russian regulations or health care rules, and Russian start-ups could emerge to fill this gap, or even to expand the role these AI doctors play.

These Russian companies will be depending on a Chinese ecosystem, the same way U.S. companies like Uber and Lyft depend on American ecosystems like app stores.

Chinese pharmaceutical companies, for example, could know about a virus that is emerging in St. Petersburg, and they could quickly manufacture drugs to treat this virus.

China would have insight into Russia in a way no other country has ever had, including the U.S. HOW THE U.S. CAN STRIKE BACK The U.S. should not try to stop China from taking its AI around the world.

If someone in India asks the AI to find a rug online or find a new bank to store cryptocurrency, the AI may promote Chinese companies over Indian or American.

And, AITO may have created a rule that requires members to install code in all AI services operating in the country, to make the AI behave fairly and to remove any bias.

Will China face similar setbacks as governments worry that the Chinese AI is spying on citizens or sending sensitive data back to China?

Because of data concerns that Malaysia may have, Chinese businesses may already be at work, lobbying policy makers to craft laws in a way that benefit China more than anyone else.

The question is however, was this just a casual statement, or as with the AI books present during the Chinese president's speech, was Russia’s president sending a message?

The Metamorphosis

Still, there remain areas of worrisome impact: in diminished inquisitiveness as humans entrust AI with an increasing share of the quest for knowledge;

But the phenomenon of a machine that assists—or possibly surpasses—humans in mental labor and helps to both predict and shape outcomes is unique in human history.

The three of us have discussed many ideas: programming digital assistants to refuse to answer philosophical questions, especially about the bounds of reality;

establishing a new field, an “AI ethics,” to facilitate thinking about the responsible administration of AI, the way bioethics has facilitated thinking about the responsible administration of biology and medicine.

Importantly, all such efforts must be undertaken according to three time horizons: what we already know, what we are sure to discover in the near future, and what we are likely to discover when AI becomes widespread.

But we agree that it is changing human knowledge, perception, and reality—and, in so doing, changing the course of human history.

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