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In this episode, Dr. Richard Kelley explains how artificial intelligence, machine learning and the internet of things work together to create “smart cities” – cities that reflect the needs of citizens now and in the future.

2 Top Artificial Intelligence Stocks That Pay a Dividend

Artificial intelligence (AI) couldn't save the tech sector from taking a hit in 2018.

AI-related revenue is predicted to jump from an estimated $7.35 billion in 2018 to nearly $90 billion in 2025 thanks to the growth of self-driving cars, smart devices, and other verticals.

Intel's forward dividend yield of nearly 2.60%, a conservative payout ratio of 36%, and a long dividend payment history make it one of the best dividend stocks in the tech sector.

The company is already supplying chips to Alphabet's self-driving subsidiary, Waymo, which is great news as Waymo has begun commercializing its autonomous ride-sharing service in the U.S. What's more, Intel plans to launch a commercial self-driving taxi service in Israel this year, in association with Volkswagen.

TechNavio predicts that the global self-driving taxi market will clock a compound annual growth rate of 167% through 2022, paving the way for Intel to sell more autonomous-driving chips and solutions.

An additional $10 billion in AI-related chip revenue by 2022 would increase Intel's top line by a percentage in the mid-teens, given its trailing-12-month revenue of $69 billion.

That's a smart thing to do, as AI in the cloud is expected to grow at an annual pace of 50% through 2025, rising from a 1% share of the global cloud computing space (as per the Asia Cloud Computing Association) to 10%.

The company's Azure cloud revenue shot up 76% in the last reported quarter, pushing the company's overall commercial cloud business up by 47% to $8.5 billion.

The software giant recently added a machine learning service to the Azure cloud that can be used by enterprises to simplify AI deployments, allowing them to reduce the time taken to get AI models functioning.

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