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CES: The Coolest AI (Artificial Intelligence) Announcements

So what were some of the stand out announcement at CES?Well, given that there were over 4,500 exhibitors, this is a tough question to answer.But here are some innovations that certainly do show the power of AI: Prosthetics:Using AI along with EMG technology, BrainCo has built a prosthetic arm that learns.In fact, it can allow for people to play a piano or even do calligraphy.

Whisk:This is powered by AI to scan the contents of your fridge so as to think up creative dishes to cook (it is based research from over 100 nutritionists, food scientists, engineers and retailers).Not only does this technology allow for a much better experience, but should help reduce food waste.Keep in mind that the average person throws away 238 pounds of food every year.

Neon:This is a virtual assistant that looks like a real person, who can engage in intelligent conversation and show emotion.While still in the early stages, the technology is actually kind of scary.The creator of Neon–which is Samsung-backed Star Labs—thinks that it will replace doctors, lawyers and other white collar professionals.No doubt, this appears to be a recipe for wide-scale unemployment, not to mention a way to unleash a torrent of deepfakes!

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning(ML) Transforming Endpoint Security?

Endpoint security refers to a methodology of protecting devices like laptops, mobiles and other wireless devices that are used as endpoint devices for accessing the corporate network.

Although such devices create potential entry points for security threats still endpoints are becoming a more common way to compute and communicate than local or fixed machines.

In order to prevent any kind of unauthorized access gain to confidential information, a cloud-based stack can protect against highly targeted script-based attacks including malware.

Using words like urgent and promotion in an email are picked by the AI systems as suspicious but the final decision is made after analyzing the email as a whole based on the following parameters.

most common interests, most common visited websites and social media feeds the user is analyzed and is sent so-called credible mails which ultimately lead the target to open up little by little.

It aims at causing interruption or suspension of a specific host or server by flooding it with large quantities of useless traffic(data) so that the server is not able to respond.

This detection takes place within a few seconds that is the reason that such systems are preferred because they are quick, accurate and can analyze huge chunks of data in a very short interval of time.

Sometimes hackers may exploit artificial intelligence and use it against the user if a hacker is successfully able to foil the system tricking it into misidentifying or misclassifying certain objects due to modified inputs by an attacker.

In simple terms, the attacker may trick the system into thinking about the absence of a particular security check and manage to open a device without a face id or a password.

This attack involves caller ID spoofing that masks the real phone number with that similar to the target, making them believe in the genuineness of the caller and thus successfully carrying out the attack.

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