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The Amazing Ways Dubai Airport Uses Artificial Intelligence

In fact, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) leads the Arab world with its adoption of artificial intelligence in other sectors and areas of life and has a government that prioritizes artificial intelligence including an AI strategy and Ministry of Artificial Intelligence with a mandate to invest in technologies and AI tools.

AI Baggage Handling Tim Clark, the president of Emirates, the world’s biggest long-haul carrier, believes artificial intelligence, specifically robots, should already be handling baggage service including identifying them, putting the bags in appropriate bins and then taking them out of the aircraft without any human intervention.

Automated Vehicles Self-driving cars powered by artificial intelligence and 100% solar or electrical energy will soon be helping the Dubai Airport increase efficiency in its day-to-day operations, including improvements between ground transportation and air travel.

Part of these efforts to improve the staff clearance process includes enhancing staff entrances to enable greater control with biometrics, advanced facial recognition and the use of artificial intelligence rather than just CCTV cameras and police monitoring which is used now.

Here are some other ways airports and airlines around the world are using artificial intelligence or plan to: ·Cybersecurity: Airports and airlines have shifted from identifying cybersecurity to preventing cybersecurity threats with an AI assist in response to the expansion of digitalization across aviation.

United Airlines allows travelers to check in to their flight through Google Assistant by simply stating, “Hey Google, check in to my flight.” As innovation gets pushed by the UAE, Dubai International Airport and other technology innovators around the world, there will be opportunities for abuse and privacy considerations when using these new AI tools and capabilities for air travel.

Artificial intelligence is transforming the way we farm

Wine growers have a neat, if unusual, trick for making more flavorful wine—don’t water the vines.

Ceres used fixed-wing aircrafts to capture color, thermal, and infrared images of the vineyard, and they used artificial intelligence to analyze those images to see if the wine producer was overwatering its grapes.

“Today’s irrigation delivers the same amount of water to all the plants in a field, even though each plant will retain water differently,” said Daniel Koppel, CEO of Prospera, which, among other things, analyzes images taken by cameras mounted on movable sprinkler systems.

“Also, the amount of water a plant needs depends on the age and size of the plant, whether it has fruit on it or just flowers, etc.” Firms can use thermal imaging, for example, to see if crops are getting enough water.

If farmers can identify precisely which plants are parched, they only need to irrigate those crops, which helps them save water, which will become harder to come by as climate change fuels longer and more severe droughts.

Firms are collecting images from cameras mounted to sprinkler systems, drones, planes, and satellites, and they are using computers to analyze those images to identify which crops are besieged by caterpillars, surrounded by weeds, or covered in fungus.

Those systems also combine information gleaned from images with data on temperature, rainfall, soil quality, and other variables to determine when and how much to spray and water crops.

And the doctor doesn’t remember everything he studied in university, and the machine knows everything all the time.” In the future, we could see robots that can tell when a strawberry is ripe and pluck it gingerly from the plant, or droids that can find weeds and spray them, or machines that can determine when and how much to feed dairy cows.

“Some farmers might not consider the use of AI to be compatible with their lifestyle, preferring instead to use their experiential knowledge and be closely connected to their land.” He said that autonomous robots could threaten the safety of workers and animals, and could also put a lot of people out of a job.

It definitely has the potential to improve decision-making, help us cut through data, improve efficient spraying, automate manual or laborious jobs, attract younger, more technical workers to the industry, and increase profitability.

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