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This Year’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) Breakthroughs

Then, in August of this year, a large dataset consisting of 12,197 MIDI songs each with their own lyrics and melodies were created through neural melody generation from lyrics by using conditional GAN-LSTM.” Sheldon Fernandez, who is the CEO of DarwinAI: “Though somewhat unheralded in mainstream circles, the rise of transformer based large scale language models such as BERT and ROBERTa represented a hugely significant development in the realm of Natural Language Processing (NLP), achieving state-of-the-art performance in General Language Understanding Evaluation (GLUE).Considered by many to be the ‘ImageNet moment’ for NLP, numerous teams, including ours, have built on such work for critical tasks as Fake News Detection.” Seth Siegel, who is the partner of Artificial Intelligence &

Automation at Infosys Consulting: “Tensorflow when released took the data science world by storm, however, like all great technologies the growing pains of having to integrate multiple independent components like Keras provided poor developer experiences and slowed down projects.With the release of Tensorflow 2.0 and the integration of Keras, data scientists and developers are rapidly developing models and eliminating bottlenecks in the model build out process.We are excited to see the rapid iteration of the underlying tools and environments that help build the AI world.” Krishna Gade, who is the CEO of Fiddler Labs: “AI Explainability has hit mainstream.

“Some of the use cases include sentiment analysis, which uses facial recognition to sense when a customer is frustrated or delighted, and associate time motion, where AI tracks and analyzes sales associates’ activities–such as how much time they spend engaged with customers, how much time they spend on the store floor vs the back room, how much time they generally spend performing value added activities and so on.” Flavio Villanustre, the VP of Technology &

Augmented intelligence drives business results by monitoring and summarizing to create intelligent insights that help surface previously unseen issues.” Florian Douetteau, the CEO of Dataiku: “Machine language is getting democratized: this year we’ve seen more and more people from the business empowering themselves and collaborating with technologies to build their own AI solutions.” Tom (@ttaulli) is the author of the book,Artificial Intelligence Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction.

Whitney Cummings: Comedy, Robotics, Neurology, and Love | Artificial Intelligence (AI) Podcast

Try it: website: Podcasts: episodes playlist: playlist: LINKS:Good for You Podcast: Twitter: Instagram: Web: - Introduction3:51 - Eye contact4:42 - Robot gender8:49 - Whitney's robot (Bearclaw)12:17 - Human reaction to robots14:09 - Fear of robots25:15 - Surveillance29:35 - Animals35:01 - Compassion from people who own robots37:55 - Passion44:57 - Neurology56:38 - Social media1:04:35 - Love1:13:40 - MortalityCONNECT:- Subscribe to this YouTube channel- Twitter: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: Medium: Support on Patreon:

Ray Dalio: Principles, the Economic Machine, Artificial Intelligence the Arc of Life | AI Podcast

This conversation is part of the Artificial Intelligence podcast.This episode is presented by Cash App: download it & use code 'LexPodcast'EPISODE LINKS:Principles (book): the Economic Machine Works: website: Podcasts: episodes playlist: playlist: - Introduction2:56 - Doing something that's never been done before8:39 - Shapers13:28 - A Players15:09 - Confidence and disagreement17:10 - Don't confuse dilusion with not knowing24:38 - Idea meritocracy27:39 - Is credit good for society?32:59 - What is money?37:13 - Bitcoin and digital currency41:01 - The economic machine is amazing46:24 - Principle for using AI58:55 - Human irrationality1:01:31 - Call for adventure at the edge of principles1:03:26 - The line between madness and genius1:04:30 - Automation1:07:28 - American dream1:14:02 - Can money buy happiness?1:19:48 - Work-life balance and the arc of life1:28:01 - Meaning of lifeCONNECT:- Subscribe to this YouTube channel- Twitter: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: Medium: Support on Patreon:

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What is Artificial Intelligence Exactly?

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