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Artificial Intelligence in JavaScript with TensorFlow.js

While the main thrust of this article will not deal with how these algorithms work, it is important to know the basic process as well as the primary outputs that can be used in actual software (JavaScript in this case).

While it is advertised as a framework for both training and deploying ML models, we will be focusing on the deployment portion given the fact that generally most models are created by data scientists using the full-strength TensorFlow python packages.

The process for creating and converting a model to TensorFlow.js is fairly simple (I won't cover it here but it is a fun exercise and you should totally do it when you get a chance).

Artificial intelligence can detect Alzheimer’s in brain scans six years before a diagnosis

“One of the difficulties with Alzheimer’s disease is that by the time all the clinical symptoms manifest and we can make a definitive diagnosis, too many neurons have died, making it essentially irreversible,”

For the study, published in Radiology, Sohn and his team fed a common type of brain scans to a machine-learning algorithm, and it learned to diagnose early-stage Alzheimer’s disease about six years before a clinical diagnosis could be made.

Eventually, it was able to correctly identify 92% of patients who developed Alzheimer’s disease in the first test set and 98% in the second test set, making correct predictions on average 75.8 months (for the math-impaired, that’s almost over six years) before the patient received an Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

Artificial Intelligence: Mankind's Last Invention

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Scary Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough!!

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