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Artificial Intelligence at the service of the RTS Audiovisual Archives

One of the objectives of RTS is to be able to explore and exploit its audiovisual archives and to open them to the public.

Faced with the lack of metadata on content, we have set up a development team over the past two and a half years that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to perform automatic metadata extraction to achieve this objective.

Based on the exact visual recognition, it was a quick win that helped documentalists by saving manual work time and generates a basic segmentation for all programs.

The first implementation is carried out by our documentalists who are creating a sport classifier, in order to automatically categorize and index old sport collections for which no metadata are available.

What we have learned: the AI technologies can really help us in our goal to open up the archives by extracting metadata automatically, enrich our legacy archives, and giving discoverability to our archival content.

Internal developments allow us to be independent of commercial solutions, to protect our sensitive data and to meet our specific needs (local public figures, classifiers).