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AI Is Coming for Your Favorite Menial Tasks

The idea behind the automation was straightforward: Projects that scored the highest—such as Santorini, a tabletop game that ended up raising more than eight times its goal and quickly became a best seller outside Kickstarter—would gain approval to launch without human intervention.

“Decision making is very cognitively draining,” the author and former clinical psychologist Alice Boyes told me via email, “so it’s nice to have some tasks that provide a sense of accomplishment but just require getting it done and repeating what you know, rather than everything needing very taxing novel decision making.” That people “need both experiences of mastery and pleasure for healthy mood,” Boyes said, is a core idea of cognitive-behavioral psychology.

Left for human reviewers were projects with muddier scores—particularly ones for ideas that tested the limits of our guidelines, such as projects for helmets (Kickstarter prohibits medical devices) or overly optimistic gadgets (Kickstarter also banned hyperrealistic 3-D renderings of technology that didn’t exist yet).

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We’ve dedicated ourselves to keeping people safe by using technology to stop active shooters.

At Evolv, we set out to solve a very tough problem: how do you recognize that the vast majority of people pose no threat, while simultaneously identifying those few who may be a threat and require a closer look.

We launched the Evolv Edge system in 2017, after about 3 ½ years of research and development.

It’s the first product in the industry to screen people and their belongings at high speed without requiring them to stop or remove items from their pockets and bags.

From a technology perspective, Edge’s combination of sensors, signal processing, detection algorithms, and user-centered design is like nothing else on the market.

In many cases, security teams had tried traditional checkpoints with walk through metal detectors and found them to be unsustainable solutions.

Traditional screening created massive lines, frustrating visitors or employees, and resulted in an unacceptable overall experience.

These stories, which we continue to hear on a daily basis, inspired the design for our newest product.

Whereas the Edge screens individuals one-at-a-time as they pass through the system for venues who want a control point, Express screens large groups of people at a time with no stopping, no emptying of pockets or removing bags.

After eighteen months of development, we’re now releasing Express, the fastest threat screening product on the market that ensures every individual and their belongings are screened as they pass through without even breaking stride.

We have incorporated the latest high-speed sensors that move data in real time to a detection algorithm that renders a decision as people pass through;

As with the Edge, Express detects those individuals who require a closer look, and automatically alerts guards and security personnel to confirm those individuals are not a threat.

For each individual screened, the Edge system moves nearly 1 million data points to the algorithm, with a resulting red light / green light decision as the person exits.

For Express, this ultra-high speed data-processing engine has been further optimized to render a decision in less than one second from the time a person starts walking through.

After that, we will be in major cities around the U.S. And, you will start to see the Express working at venues around the country keeping people safe.

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