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AI for Good - Sustainability

AI experts predict how AIs can be used to model environmental systems so we can learn how to reduce human's impact on the planet and build a more ...

Artificial Intelligence for Earth's Natural Resources | Prateek Joshi | TEDxLosAltosHigh

Artificial intelligence is used for more than just filling your Facebook news feed. Come learn how it can be used to solve some of the most pressing ...

Artificial Intelligence: Challenges of Extended Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: Challenges of Extended Intelligence with Joi Ito Director, MIT Media Lab.

AI for Good: Deploying Microsoft AI to help solve society’s greatest challenges - BRK2319

There are now more than seven billion people on Earth, constituting an incredible diversity of aspirations and abilities. Empowering each of these people and ...

AI For Good - UN Congress on Artificial Intelligence

New Videos Every Day - Subscribe: Audi CEO Prof. Rupert Stadler has spoken at a congress of the United Nations about the use of ..

AI for SDG's

How can Artificial Intelligence address humanity's greatest challenges?

Artificial Intelligence driven Orchestration, Challenges and Opportunities

As Cloud and SDN technologies mature, small and large service providers around the world are developing their strategy for E2E Service Orchestration.

LUCA Talk: Six challenges for Artificial Intelligence's sustainability

We have identified 6 societal and ethical challenges for Artificial Intelligence that should be dealt with before AI is massively applied. ------------ Para poder hacer ...

"Challenges for Machine Learning in Computational Sustainability" (CRCS Lunch Seminar)

CRCS Lunch Seminar (Monday, March 4, 2013) Speaker: Tom Dietterich, Oregon State University Title: Challenges for Machine Learning in Computational ...

From big data to human-level artificial intelligence - Gary Marcus (Geometric Intelligence)

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