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University Launches Cutting-Edge Institute for AI-Driven Discovery and Innovation

Consolidating its position on the cutting edge of artificial intelligence research, Stony Brook University officially launched the Institute for AI-Driven Discovery and Innovation in a May 9 event held at Bloomberg headquarters in New York.

The keynote address was delivered by Terrence Sejnowski, author of The Deep Learning Revolution and Francis Crick Professor at The Salk Institute and Director of the Crick-Jacobs Center for Theoretical and Computational Biology.  Welcoming a high-powered roster of guests and dignitaries, Fotis Sotiropoulos, Dean of Stony Brook’s College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, hailed a new world of machine learning and data science “with the potential to impact every corner of society all around the globe.” “The importance of higher education institutions in this new era of intelligent machines cannot be overstated,” Sotiropoulos said.

“Educational paradigms must be established that prepare students to work and creatively co-exist with AI systems by cultivating higher order human cognitive abilities, which are less likely to be replaced by algorithms and robots.” The Institute was established with two grants totaling $4.5 million from SUNY’s Empire Innovation Program as well as funding from Stony Brook University and private donations.

 The AI Institute will serve as a hub for the AI research effort at Stony Brook University and will fuel the workforce for the AI-driven economy of the future through programs that fuse computer science, engineering and applied mathematics with medicine, life sciences, and the arts and humanities.

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