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Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) A Threat To Humans?

Are artificial intelligence (AI) and superintelligent machines the best or worst thing that could ever happen to humankind?

This has been a question in existence since the 1940s when computer scientist Alan Turing wondered and began to believe that there would be a time when machines could have an unlimited impact on humanity through a process that mimicked evolution.

Bostrom explained, 'There's a mismatch between our level of maturity in terms of our wisdom, our ability to cooperate as a species on the one hand and on the other hand our instrumental ability to use technology to make big changes in the world.

If we focus on what’s possible today with AI, here are some of the potential negative impacts of artificial intelligence that we should consider and plan for: Change the jobs humans do/job automation: AI will change the workplace and the jobs that humans do.

Political, legal, and social ramifications: As Bostrom advises, rather than avoid pursuing AI innovation, 'Our focus should be on putting ourselves in the best possible position so that when all the pieces fall into place, we've done our homework.

AI surveillance: AI’s face recognition capabilities give us conveniences such as being able to unlock phones and gain access to a building without keys, but it also launched what many civil liberties groups believe is alarming surveillance of the public.

Bostrom explains that AI's ability to monitor the global information systems from surveillance data, cameras, and mining social network communication has great potential for good and for bad.

These can be used without an individual's permission to spread fake news, create porn in a person's likeness who actually isn't acting in it, and more to not only damage an individual's reputation but livelihood.

Can’t Afford A Personal Trainer? Artificial Intelligence Could Help

Personal training is a popular but expensive option in the $100 billion fitness industry;

Everyone who signs up for Delta Trainer gets an Apple Watch and is connected with a remote personal trainer, who sets up a unique workout plan for each of their clients.

Spettel and his team used machine learning to teach their artificial intelligence how to use the sensor data to detect more than 100 types of exercises.

'Even if your wrist is on a bar, or on your body like a sit-up or squat, even if your wrist isn't moving with respect to you, the wrist is still moving with respect to the world.'

'Even though their hourly rate may be OK at some gyms, it's hard to fill a 40 hour work week with training.

How a Portland nonprofit is using artificial intelligence to help save whales, giraffes, zebras

But each animal’s black and white markings are like a fingerprint, distinct — and invaluable for scientists who need to track the animals and information about them, including their births, deaths, health and migration patterns.

Portland, Oregon-based nonprofit Wild Me has developed AI to pick out identifying markers — the stripes on a zebra, the spots on a giraffe, the contours of a sperm whale’s fin — and catalog animals much faster than a human can.

Photo surveys are increasingly used as the backbone for population estimates, and Wild Me’s Wildbooks, which catalog various species, are giving conservation groups, governments and citizen scientists a faster way to monitor animals around the world.

He wanted to find a different way to track the animals other than invasive tagging, so he teamed up with a biologist and a NASA astronomer, adapting the algorithm for the Hubble telescope to match the shark’s spot patterns.

Thousands of photos of the species must be manually annotated so that the algorithm learns what a given animal is, what the distinguishing characteristics are and what’s just background noise.

She said she watched Facebook implement facial recognition and wanted to use similar technology to help identify whales within the endangered species (there are only about 400 North Atlantic right whales left).

The Wildbook for whales, called Flukebook, encourages collaboration, which is particularly useful for whales that travel long distances because it can be difficult for one research group to effectively monitor one area.

“By doing the matching themselves, by contributing their own data, not only do they get to know the animals, but it creates a locally motivated community of people that can react when conservation actions come up.”

One of Wild Me’s more recent innovations is an AI-driven feature that datamines YouTube videos of whale sharks and sea turtles, using user-generated videos (often taken by tourists) to get a better sense of the populations.

“The point of going to a fully automated system is to shorten that cycle so we can take all of the data over the past week or two weeks and have a continuous prediction of population size.

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