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Cambridge, Stanford, Yale, Columbia and other interested parties The Joint Alumni Forum would like to invite you to a guest speaker, networking event on current themes in human rights.

Human Rights Watch uses modern technology for research and advocacy, including geospatial work, video forensics, satellite imagery or open source investigations.

They also work on the deeply worrying human rights implications of those technologies, including issues around artificial intelligence, surveillance, and privacy.

Abrahams is responsible for training Human Rights Watch research staff, developing research methodology, and conducting investigations in conflict areas around the world.

Cambridge, Stanford, Yale and Columbia in Switzerland, we have designed a forum for discussion, education and debate on various themes encompassing social responsibility, featuring an after-work speakers and networking series.

The themes for the series encompass equality issues (gender, race, minorities), human rights, refugees and environment /sustainability.

The outreach for the speakers series is broader than exclusively the alumni of universities in the collaboration, but also like-minded representatives of institutions based in Switzerland and members of the public.

Meet the Speakers

Prior to that she was an executive for worldwide technical sales and led a Analytics Technical Specialists worldwide which is a multi billion dollar business.

Anshu is a recognized leader in IBM and software industry broadly for her significant contributions to the industry and her team is responsible for architecting cloud and analytics/AI solutions for numerous IBM clients.

Anshu is recognized as a leader in the deployment of architecture and the design of complex end-to-end client solutions, leveraging her deep technical expertise in Enterprise Architecture, SOA, Cloud and Cognitive Computing.She has written numerous books on deployment of software and is also part of the Architect and DE board at IBM.