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('Albert' or “Corporation”) (TSX-V: AIIM) a mining exploration and services company and a leader in the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced knowledge-extraction techniques since 2005 in the mining sector, is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Playfair Mining Ltd (TSX-V:PLY) to explore development options for  7 Copper-Zinc targets and for  4 Nickel-Copper targets at the Rostvangen-Kvikne-Vakkerlien Project in Norway.

As Albert pivots from a services revenue model to an asset acquisition model we will be looking to partner with best in class junior mining companies to identify potential targets at a fraction of the cost of traditional exploration techniques.

This pivot from pure services revenue to services revenue plus asset accumulation is part of a strategic review by the board to maximize return for Albert investors.

“We have assembled a group of highly committed investors and industry experts who believe in Albert’s CARDS technology to drastically change the economics of developing a target.

Our ability to participate in projects where we know a high potential target exists will translate into immediate and long term value for the firm.”

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