AI News, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Education: Are We Prepared?

12 companies using AI in education to enhance the classroom

Learning always has been and always will be a foundational part of humanity. Regardless of age, we're constantly developing new understandings.

The technology can transcribe up to 160 words per minute and is especially helpful for students who struggle with writing or have limited mobility.

Its program, called alta, helps identify gaps in a student’s knowledge, provides relevant coursework and places students back on track for college-level courses.

By analyzing answers and length of time for STEM it took to complete tutoring sessions, Querium’s AI gives teachers insights into a student’s learning habits and designates areas in which the student could improve.

Location: London, England How it's using AI in education: Century Tech's platform utilizes cognitive neuroscience and data analytics to create personalized learning plans and reduce workloads for instructors.

The company’s speech-to-text tool uses AI to transfer a child’s speech into text in order to take notes, practice vocabulary or even take tests.

The company’s math learning platforms for high school and college-level students employ responsive AI that learns a student’s habits and personalizes the learning experience to help them fully grasp mathematical concepts.

Location: London, England How it's using AI in education: Blippar’s products combine computer vision intelligence technology and augmented reality to enhance the way students learn in the classroom.

The interactive materials bring subjects like geography, biology and physics to a visual space. For example, instead of reading about volcanic eruption, the system shows students a virtual 3-D model of the eruption process.

Companies all over the world are able to quickly and efficiently solve potentially harmful knowledge gaps (lack of general company knowledge, compliance methods or even technical skills) with Volley’s AI.

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