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Artificial Intelligence/AI Agents and their Environments

Particular artificial intelligence programs, or AIs, can be thought of as intelligent 'agents' that interact with particular environments.

In general, intelligent agents of all types (including rats, people, as well as AI programs) interact with their environments in two main ways: perception and action.

AIs can have sensors of many types, including ones analogous to human perception, but also including some that humans do not have, such as sonar, infrared, GPS signals, etc.

When the agent displays recommended music to the user, they are using actuators to display things on the screen--or to serve the web page.

Another example is the database that the music recommendation system uses--should it be considered a part of the environment that the agent interacts with, or a part of the agent's memory?

In spite of the difficulty of knowing exactly where the environment ends and the agent begins in some cases, it is useful to be able to classify AI environments because it can predict how difficult the task of the AI will be.

That is, an AI that has a much more difficult job if it works in an environment that is stochastic, dynamic, partially observable, multi-agent, unknown, sequential, and continuous.

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